About Us

From 2000

In October 2000, Lars&Ivan first product was their famous Art Phone. The Art Phone was selected as one of the 100 best design prototypes by AXIS (2002).
In 2003, Lars & Ivan released the first series of design loudspeakers at IFA Berlin.
In 2005, Lars & Ivan demonstrated the first integrated tube amplifier known as the PA-40 and the Cube-S coaxial loudspeakers.
In 2007. Lars & Ivan launched BK21 kit-set (Bobo Speakers and PA-21 Amplifier) into Europe and received "The Best Desktop Speakers" award in the UK's What Hi-Fi magazine.
In 2008 The Company secured its position in the international market with it new products, further developed its image and commenced collaboration with Markaudio, a leading audio driver design company. By the end of 2008, Lars&Ivan will launch a series of new products and increase its distribution networks in North America, Europe and Oceania.